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BURR & MUIR ANTIQUES focuses on Art Nouveau, Art Deco and 20th Century Design. BURR & MUIR ANTIQUES is a member of the South African Antique Art and Design Association, which is affiliated to the international body, CINOA.

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What Others Say

Burr and Muir operates to a world class standard within the antiques trade. Their treasures not only stand out as objects of extraordinary beauty, but their rarity too ensures that each piece can be recognised anywhere as a sound financial investment. A visit to Geoff Burr and Graham Muir’s high-design contemporary showroom in Cape Town demonstrates how items made in the past – cutting-edge in their time – integrate seamlessly in a modern context, and becomes a tour through the history of design evolution. Burr and Muir, who are longstanding members of SAADA (South African Art Antiques and Design Asso.) set a premium example in the antiques trade, and it is for this reason that they stand at the pinnacle of our hand-picked SAADA collection of dealers. Geoff was for many years association’s chairman.